Charly Boy Writes Pastor Adeboye A Reply To His Advice To Young Men Marrying A Prayer Warrior



For the past few days, pastor Adeboye’s advice to youth on marriage has been trending all over the place. I suspect that the good pastor’s yarns tells me that he is a man suspended in time, between old and new school.
Don’t get it twisted, in as much as I flow with his definition of a good woman, from his statement I see that the obvious way to his heart is through his stomach and of cause through prayers. Good, No wahala.
However our amiable pastor rubs it in when he starts to yarn Akpata, ” Marry a warrior, if a girl cannot pray for one hour, don’t marry her. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy, who cannot cook. She needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to eat out at all times” Hummm na wa! 
So if my wife to be can’t rant, chant, shout and generally carry on as a prayer warrior, praying for a whole hour, the woman doesn’t deserve a wife status. Abi?
Oga pastor, that one na missyarn. Over praying does not make one a better husband or wife, because the world especially Naija is filled with Fake people and “Fakest” pastors. Does a man having a job guarantee that he will make a good husband?
 Does a woman knowing how to cook guarantee she will make a good wife? Haba.
Ok I get it, The Nigerian god has an ear infection, so we must shout and pray for hours because that’s the only way he may listen to our prayers, right? I know that a man is suppose to marry a helper and not a cook or a house girl. By the way, is anything wrong with encouraging your young male congregation to learn how to cook and do chores too.
“Do not marry a worldly lady” what the heck does that mean? Is it about being materialistic or just being fashionable, looking nice. I guess in your book we can’t be a good Christian if we got swagg and we are trendy. Judge not pastor. 
We must all not look like Deeper Life people to have a personal relationship with God. By the way, if you want to start writing your own commandment you may as well write your own version of the bible for your congregation. Na una way.
Being married should never define a man or a woman. Marriage in a few years anyways, will be out of fashion. Being married is only nice if we are lucky to pick a partner who will be our friend, if not, that maybe hell on earth. All of us must not get married if our threshold for nonsense and garbage is low. 
The world is obviously changing and we are no longer in the 60s. Who wants to be suffering and smiling. Most importantly marriage should not be a milestone for anyone. Yes o.


 Like I always say, it will take two to tango. Marriage only works when partners are determined to make it work. It can never be a merit badge, or a status for happiness. Many of us are enslaved in our myopic mindset that makes a mess out of what should really be a good friendship. 
So Oga pastor Adeboye, watch your yarns because a lot of people lookup to you, Biko. I don talk my own.


  1. It obviously you do not even know what prayer is cause what I know about prayer from my bible doesn’t involve chant,shout etc its about communicating with God. About materialistic and worldly woman I agree with him,there are some women who are overly concern with the way the look that the loose sight of why the are really here on earth. You are way into the 21st century that we are constantly going against the Lords will. May God help us all!

  2. If I may ask what is it u want to pray about that should take one hour? Believe me it would be repetition of prayer! God is not deaf, He knows your heart desires even before u prayed about them. This erroneous belief that the longer the prayer the better the prayer should be discarded. No one human being is perfect, so

    marriage is about tolerance, understanding
    and adjusting to the shortcomings of the
    other person. I do not buy the idea of
    Pastor Adeboye that one should not marry
    a woman that doesn’t know how to cook.
    Love transcends this because with
    understanding she can learn. As for materialistic women it is relative. If she has the cash to buy expensive clothes and jewelry or if the husband is not complaining when he does the spending so be it. There are no rules to marriage! The couple either makes it work or not. Being kind from my experiences is in born not acquired. I have seen a person who prays like there is no tomorrow yet is so insensitive to the plight of the needy and I have seen a person who does not even go to church but would do anything to help the needy. So prayer warriors DO NOT necessarily translate to good wives or husbands.


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