Timaya Reveals How Older Lady Used Him as a S3x Toy While Struggling to Survive


Singer Timaya, real name Alfred Inetimi Odiom, has in a new interview revealed he used to live with an older woman who used him like a s3x-toy.

According to Timaya, this happened in Port-harcourt, Rivers state at a time while he was still hustling. To survive, he serviced this older woman whenever she had the urge in exchange for food and a roof over his head.

Timaya told Tofarati Ige of Punchng:

  • What lessons did you learn while hawking on the streets?

I learnt that to succeed in life, I had to stay passionate about my dreams, never settle for less and keep working hard every day. Most importantly, I learnt to believe that God makes everything possible in good time.

I have been through a lot of things in life, and if I begin to share my story, you will be shocked. I was born into a fairly comfortable family but I was a rebel and I often ran away from home.

I once lived in Port Harcourt with a woman who was older than me and she used me like I was a s3x toy. I had to service her whenever she had the urge in exchange for food and a roof over my head.

However, I have always dreamed big. Despite my travails, I never let go of my aspirations while believing that one day, I would make it big.


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